About Steve

Steve Rettke was a hero in so many ways.  His courage and strength set him apart as someone to look up to. From the moment he decided he was going to do something, you knew it was going to happen.  This determined attitude translated to his career and his running.  Everyone who knew him was well aware of this.  Steve wasn’t satisfied with anything less than his best. While at SUNY Brockport, Steve worked hard to become a great cross country runner after only being introduced to the sport as a college freshman. When Steve was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor in his early twenties, he continued to push himself.  He ran every moment he was able.  Steve loved running at Mendon Ponds Park.  Well, first he would run to the park from his apartment in Henrietta, and then he would run effortlessly on the park’s challenging and beautiful trails.  And when not running at Mendon, he would bike there or fish with friends.  Mendon Ponds Park seemed like the natural place to have a race in honor of Steve.

Steve’s favorite event on the track was the half mile. As tribute, the first male and female runners at the half mile mark will receive a special award. In addition to being a loving son, brother, and fiancé, Steve was a proud uncle to his young twin nephews. Steve’s nephews, along with other children, will be able to participate in a kids’ run in addition to other fun activities that will be available to our young participants.


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